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Processing Warranty Claims in Broadtech

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Processing Warranty Claims in Broadtech

Once you have gone through the proper troubleshooting and have inspected the device to determine warranty eligibility, it’s time to order the replacement device for the customer.

Reminder:  Devices must show no physical signs of damage (no broken screen, cracked LCD, dents in frame or other signs of having been dropped, broken charger port, etc.), must be less than a year old, and must belong to the original owner to be considered within warranty.  Also, the device must be active on the account.


Ordering a BroadTech Replacement Device

1.  To order the warranty replacement, go to https://unittracker.com and login using the credentials for your store.  Once logged in, select RMA (Returns Ship Notifications) from the main menu.


2.  On this screen, select XBM – Order and click New RMA.  XBM stands for exchange by mail, signifying that the replacement device will be mailed to the store where you are placing the order.


3.  On the following screen, select Add Units to XBM.


4.  Fill out the form on the following page:

Under <Select IMEI Class>, select FRU Exchange.

In the field for <CUSTOMER MDN>, enter the phone number of the defective device.

Enter the IMEI of the defective device.

Select the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of the defective device.  This will be the brand of the phone (eg. LG, Samsung, Coolpad, etc.).

Select the model number of the defective device.  If you are unsure of the model number, you can use the Search by Model Name tool.

Select the return reason and sub reason.  You may enter notes in the text area below to specify the nature of the problem.

Select the Check Availability check box to ensure that a replacement device is available for shipment.  A dialog box will appear indicating availability.

If the device is available, proceed to enter the customer name and contact number where you can reach them when the replacement device arrives.

Select Add Unit to submit the form.  A print dialog box will pop up to print a confirmation receipt.  Print and hand receipt to the customer.  The device should arrive within 2-3 business days, although it may take up to 7 days for the device to arrive.




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