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Device Support & Troubleshooting Guide

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Device Support & Troubleshooting Guide

You’re having another busy day at work when a customer comes in fuming about their device.  What should you do?  Should you try and calm the customer down or should you wait for them to finish?  Here are a few helpful tips that will allow you to handle this situation with finesse so your customer will leave happy and extremely grateful that you were able to help solve their problem.


Empathize with the customer

Show the customer you care about them by expressing your empathy!  If the customer is upset, let them finish venting while you give them an attentive ear to let them know that their concerns are being heard.  Give them your full attention and nod frequently to show them that you are listening.  Ask them questions to get a better idea of what the problem is.  Apologize profusely!  Let them know you are sorry to hear they are having issues and you will do everything in your ability to help them out.


Address the customer by name

This helps in building rapport with the customer and will allow the customer to see you as a friend rather than an adversary.


Troubleshoot the device

  • Try to fix the issue by determining the cause of the issue.  See if there is a setting on the device that can be adjusted to remedy the problem.  See if there is an application on the device that might be causing the issue.  I’ve found that cleaning apps and antivirus apps can cause phones to glitch.  See if there are any other apps that might be suspicious.
  • If you are unable to resolve the issue, check to see if there is a software upgrade available on the device.  You will do this by going to Settings>About Phone>System Updates>Check for Update.
  • Hint:  Continue to communicate casually with the customer as you troubleshoot the device in order to build your relationship with the customer.  This will help the customer to see you as a friend/adviser and will pave the road for a potential sale if you are unable to fix the device and the customer is eligible for an upgrade.


    Factory Reset the Device

    If you are still unable to resolve the issue, recommend a factory reset to the customer.  Let them know that you can back up contacts and photos to their memory card or google account so they do not lose all of their information.  Let them know that text messages and applications will be erased from the device.  Always obtain the customers permission before performing a factory reset.


    Backing Up Contacts

    • Exporting to SD/SIM Card:  Contacts>Settings>Import/Export>Export to SD/SIM
    • Saving to Google:  Contacts>Settings>Copy Contacts>Copy to gmail account
    • Contacts>Share Visible Contacts>Select All>Save to Google Drive


    ​Backing Up Photos​

    • Backing up to Google Photos:  ​Connect phone to store WIFI​>Open up Google Photos on device>Back Up
    • ​Copying to SD Card:  App drawer>File Manager>Internal Storage> Copy “DCIM” folder to External SD card​


    After data is backed up, go to Settings>Accounts>Google accounts and remove all Google accounts from the device.  Then with the customer’s permission​, go to Back up/Reset>Factory Data Reset.  Make sure you do NOT select the erase SD card option.


    Suggest the Upgrade

    If the device is still malfunctioning, check the customer’s account for upgrade eligibility​ and let them know (if eligible) that you can give them a discount on any device in the store.  Offer the upgrade as a solution to their device problem.


    Check purchase date and check for damage or abuse

    1. Check the date of purchase in ASAP>General Activities>Device History and see when the device was first activated.  If it has been less than a year, check the device for damage/abuse.
    2. Check underneath battery cover, on battery, or inside the sim tray slot on the phone for a red sticker indicating that the phone is water damaged.  If the sticker is red, the phone is out of warranty.
    3. Check for dents or signs that the phone has been dropped.
    4. Check for broken screen. (If glass isn’t broken, check for cracked LCD underneath the glass)
    5. Check to see if the charging port is damaged or broken.
    6. Check to see if the phone has been opened up or repaired.


    If the phone is less than a year old and does not show any of the signs of damage or abuse listed above, you can order a replacement (XBM/Exchange By Mail) device through Broadtech.  Replacement usually takes a week to arrive.


    Click here to learn how to order a Broadtech (XBM) replacement for a customer.

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